Your Taste Buds Are Not Your God reading under the sun se...

Your Taste Buds Are Not Your God reading under the sun set on Waikiki beach
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Soaking in all this #khepri energy with the sun set 

As we are Thinking and Speaking a healthy life we are also connecting it to our spiritual systems.  As we all interpret our systems differently we can use our scripts for a reference to inspire us. In the Bible there is a character named Daniel who advocated for the Plant Based holistic life style. Daniel 1:12 “ please test your servants for 10 days, and let us be given vegetables and water to drink” I wonder how many of us are aware of this and aware that this same Bible says he found favor in his God’s eyes and in the eyes of the king.  and BTW it was Daniel and 3 men not 4 ( don’t get lost in the minor misquote). He’s also very metaphysical! He could be at peace with animals, He could interpret dreams better then anyone else, he had his own visions, he had a grasp on numerology (especially 7) and he communicated with angels consistently. This is holistically healthy. There are many more references to a plant based life style in the Bible as well. Are we open to having a dialogue about this? What do other spiritual systems advise for our eating habits? The spirit should bear FRUIT. What you are doing should produce more of itself naturally and go out into the world expanding. 

Let’s dialogue. .






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