René Heredia plays Moorish Influenced Flamenco Guitar

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A mix of flamenco and Moorish music that shows the influence of the Moors in Spain. René Heredia on flamenco guitar.René and his flamenco guitar have been together for so many years that there seems to be no separation of the two. He began his training with his father, a Gitano Puro (pure Gypsy). René was taught the rudiments of flamenco guitar and Spanish gypsy dance as a boy. René remembers that as a child his parents’ home was always full of flamencos such as Carlos Montoya, Vicente Escudero, Mario Escudero, José Greco’s dance company, Carmen Amaya, Sabicas, and La Chunga and her company. They were all close friends of his father, José Heredia, and his family. Sabicas would help to teach René the secrets of flamenco at his mother’s kitchen table. René studied classical guitar for three and half years in Paris France with Antonio Francisco Serra a student of Emilo Pujol.