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On this episode of Black Beat we pay our respects to father and son entrepreneurs Paul Knauls Sr. and Paul Knauls Jr., the owners and operators of the iconic Geneva’s Shear Perfection Barbershop and Salon located in the Soul of Portland.
The conversation is one of reflection, shared gems of wisdom, and bits of laughter as they culminate up to their decision to close up shop after 30 years in business in the midst of the now Covid-19 reality.
No need to shed tears for this duo however, their hearts are full from the life of service to the community they loved and who loved them right back.
Welcome to Black Beat podcast where we will share the hard hitting conversations we have with Black and other news-makers of color.
Apathy is a disease of the spirit, diminishing all manner of belief in one’s self and ability. For too long it has run rampant in Black and other communities of color, fueled by the constant drip of inequitable distribution of wealth creation opportunities and the systemic invalidation of our presence. This has created serious fragmentation. It took a special set of circumstances to create this condition and it will take a special set of circumstances to remove this blight of spirit.
Led by Flossin Media’s CEO & Editor in Chief John Washington, Black Beat takes his unapologetically Black approach to each discussion for a deep dive into the core issues that have historically divided us all.
Our featured conversers will include local, regional and national Black news-makers representing views from the hood, to the boardroom and beyond in order to disrupt the traditional “white noise” and bougie rhetoric. Episodes will also feature other Flossin Media/ Magazine writers who are well stoked by the fire their leader has ignited. Always inspirational, educational and motivational, Black Beat will empower listeners to solution oriented action and reinforce the perceptions of capability, significance and influence that lives within us all and grows exponentially if nurtured.
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