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Join community luminaries, Johnny Huff and John Washington for an energizing episode of Black Beat. Founded in 2017, Everybody Eats PDX is a labor of love produced by Chef Johnny and his business partner, Chef Marcell Goss. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, both graduated culinary school locally and have built an eatery that has garnered a reputation for giving back to the community in ways big and small. From food locally sourced using the finest Oregon/Washington ingredients, to Huff and Goss' commitment to feeding activists and community members turning out in the streets for Black Lives, Everybody Eats PDX is a business worthy of support and a model worth replicating.

What Black Beat Host, John Washington and Johnny Huff talk about:

1.The inspiration for Everybody Eats PDX
2.Huff's non-profit, Black and Blue PDX a novel approach to addressing the tension that often exists between Black youth and police officers
3.The impact of COVID-19 pandemic upon the business
4.Challenges and successes of being a Black Business and Non-Profit owner
5.Advice for other aspiring restauranteurs seeking to get into the industry
6.Links to support Everybody Eats PDX and the work of Black and Blue

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