is your awareness activated?

is your awareness activated? is your awareness activated?
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align your mind, body and spirit during this full moon phase.

mindful meditations for your MIND
get into this full moon healing

love, luna's full moon sip, scrub, shea set
for your BODY
bring the moon's magic into your everyday experience.

four corners spread for your SPIRIT

0:00- 1:30 opening prayer
1:32-2:36 welcome chat
2:37- 4:20 ammonite crystal
4:25- 6:09 peach aventurine
6:11- 6:56 sound bowl healing ( tone)
6:58- 8:18 cosmic event; partial lunar eclipse
8:20 shuffle
9:17-15:55 divine goddess oracle
16:16-25:51 four corners read
content © nourishea 
musical composition © melanatednmarvelous