How To Start An Airline. Get your aviation business airborne

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Every Nation Need its own Airline!!!!


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How To Start An Airline. Get your aviation business airborne

In this video I talk about starting an airline and running your own airline company.

For some with a keen interest in aviation starting and running their own airline would be the fulfillment of a long held dream.

If you're obsessed with aeroplanes what could be better than running a business that involves flying passengers and freight.

The satisfaction of seeing your fleet (even if it's just one aircraft) and knowing your company is making a profit must be immense.

But as we'll see starting an airline is far from easy, and running an airline, making a profit, and maintaining momentum over several years is harder still.

Obviously, in a short video like this it won't be possible to cover all the aspects in detail but we can take a very high level view of this idea.

A Brief Look At Airlines.

The word airline conjures up images of fleets of aircraft that cost tens of millions each to buy and operate and which fly intercontinental routes.

However, some airlines consist of one or two small aircraft flying in-country with a small team of pilots and administration staff running the show.

For example, the Austrian based People’s Viennaline once had a fleet of just two aircraft.

One of its routes used to be one of the world's shortest, with a flight lasting just eight minutes.

They flew passengers from St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen Airport, Germany, thus saving them from a 77 km road trip around Lake Constance.

However, the route has since been withdrawn and the airline has rebranded itself as simply 'People's'.

This is an example of how airlines have to quickly adapt to changes in demand if they are to prosper.

Airlines are launched for a variety of reasons; someone spots a gap in the market, an obvious need, or just has a new idea.

If you've read Sir Richard Branson's autobiography you may be aware that Virgin Atlantic Airlines exists today due to an idea he had in 1984.

Branson was in Puerto Rico airport about to fly to the British Virgin Islands when the flight was cancelled.

So he hired an aircraft and wrote "Virgin Airlines" on a blackboard, then invited other delayed passengers to pay $39 for a seat to BVI.

It wasn't long before he had sold every seat and the idea for Virgin Atlantic Airlines was born.

But this one rare example of a good idea developed by someone who had the capital and drive to see it through.

Market Analysis & Research.

There is little point in starting any business without first doing the market research. To do so is a gamble with the odds stacked against you.

Comprehensive market analysis will reveal areas that it might be possible to exploit - put simply, a gap in the market.

Your market analysis should reveal the anticipated growth in passengers and freight in any given region.

From this you can determine what type of aircraft would be most suitable to meet the expected demand.

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