I want to become a pilot where do I start

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I want to become a pilot, where do I start?

That question is such a great question. It is easy to think you want to become a pilot, it is easy to dream about an office in the sky. It can be wonderful to sit in your cubicle and day dream of what you would really want to do for a living: fly. But you’re not going to get there unless you actually start making some moves. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this video, where to start if you want to become a pilot.

I hope that the information in this video is helpful for you and thank you so much for watching!

Video on part 141 vs part 61:

Did you miss the videos on reviewing your past flight training year in order to plan your flight training for the future? No worries, find the mini-course right here:

Time stamps if you want to jump around in the video:
00:00 intro
00:45 becoming a pilot takes time and money
01:09 different types of pilots
01:34 types of certificates
02:09 the first step - the discovery flight
03:22 shop around for flight schools and type of aircraft
03:47 cost of the discovery flight
04:09 what type of flight training do you want: part time vs full time
05:09 part 61 vs part 141
06:42 other flight training options and do you need a college degree
07:11 future video topics in . this series
07:42 closing thoughts

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